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How To Interview Like A Pro
Interviewing  |  10.26.2017 11:42 am  |  502  |  A+ | a-
Once you get to the interview, you are half way to landing the job but  you have to prepare yourself and take advantage of the opportunity.   Preparation is key, first you should examine yourself by writing down  your pros and cons.  You need to know what you bring to the table and  why you will be the best fit for the job.  

 As you go for a  job, you must understand that you are competing against  others who may  have more experience or are more qualified for the  position. Understand  that they will be taking every possible measure to  nail the interview,  so you should do the same. Follow these ideas to  improve your chances  of beating the competition.

An important part of the process is  becoming familiar with the company  and the position you are going  after. Do as much research as you can  into the company, the position  you are after, and even the individuals  you will meet at the interview.  Review your past work experience and  qualifications, making you ready  to address the qualities that the  company is looking for.

 Practice rehearsing for the interview. Be as prepared as you possibly   can, making you ready to answer the questions posed before you in an   intelligent and timely manner. Try and keep your answers informative and   relative to the company and the position you are after. Practice   answering these questions to put your mind at ease and keep you focused   and ready.

It is important that you stay positive, upbeat, and  energetic. Acting  lethargic or uninspired will end your chances of  getting the job very  quickly. Avoid any negative comments about past  work experience.  Complaining about past bosses or employees will not  bode well for you,  so keep a positive spin on your past, no matter how  difficult it may be.

Enter the interview with a flexible mindset  which will allow you to  adapt to the circumstances that you cannot see  coming. Be sensitive to  the demeanor and attitude of the interviewer,  allowing you to adapt to  their style. A more serious attitude by the  interviewer means you should  act in a serious manner as well. If the  individual is more laid back or  upbeat, you should act in more  lighthearted or relaxed way. It is  important that you present an  attitude that will capture the spirit of  the workplace, and will allow  you to show that you can fit in.

Maintain eye contact and be  attentive and responsive at all times. One  of the quickest ways of  ruining your interview is displaying a lack of  focus and attention. Sit  up straight, don't allow your eyes to wander,  and keep your attention  on the interviewer at all times. Consider  showing interest in the  position and the company by asking relevant  questions that will show  enthusiasm and a general focused sense of  interest in the position.

 Job interviews are very overwhelming. With so much riding on your   interview, it is possible that the stress involved can cause you to make   mistakes or not put your best foot forward. Review these key   interviewing tips which will help you keep the most important ideas in   mind, and which will allow you to put your best foot forward, increasing   your chances of getting the job you are after
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